Where Is Bag Lady?

This adorable 125cc Benelli was parked outside of a Chinese fast food restaurant, dubbed Mr. Lee. After admiring the bike, I decided it was past time I try the food of the Colonel Sanders of China (his image is on the plate). Not surprisingly, it was passable but far from good. This was actually in Datong, not where I am today.

My last meal was from an airport cafe in Kunming. Despite being airport food, it was one of the better meals I’ve had in China. The curry was spicy and the frappe was Chai flavored. I knew I should have moved to Kunming! Oh well… Last but not least, one final sign. TiC.

And now… a few pictures to help you figure out where I’ve moved.

Shortly after arriving, I took a taxi to my new studio. (Note placement of steering wheel.)

After a little unpacking, I went wandering for food. A few bites into my meal, my core was on fire so I went in search of a beverage.

Next to the juice stand was a snack stand selling these edibles. After finishing dinner ($1.15 usd), the snack ($1.43), and juice ($1), I was full so got dessert ($2.29) to go.

Spirit Houses

On my walk home, I past this spirit house “store” on the corner. It was late and while I looked for a “shopkeeper”, there was no one to be found. I wonder if it’s bad luck to steal a spirit house. A few blocks later, I did see some in use and with candles burning in them. They were very pretty but not phone-camera compatible.

So far, I’m a happy bag lady. Care to join me? You are welcome to visit if you can find me.


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