Weakest Bag Lady in Chiang Mai

New Home

Look what I found!

Thanks to the awesome staff at Mong Cycles, I’ve been braving the streets of Chiang Mai on my mountain bike this weekend. Despite getting confused at the occasional intersection, it hasn’t been too bad. Unlike China, it is not a cacophony of horn blowing and much more orderly. That being said, I made my way to No Gravity.

Where I discovered I have no remaining climbing muscles. I will not be running out to Crazy Horse Buttress in the immediate future. <sigh> Anyway, here are a few pics.

What Wat

Along the way, I thought I heard a party going on, but when I finally found it, some fireworks had just finished and people were heading to the exit.

Ping River Up

Crossing the Ping over a different bridge. It rained a bit in the early morning, so it looks even more brown. It’s still threatening to rain some more.

Wat Chetuphon2

I think this is Wat Chetuphon. I love the elephant!

Wat Chetuphon

The detail on the Wats are often stunning.

River Ride

River ride?

Don’t know what kind of plants these are but I love the vibrant colors.

A girl’s gotta eat… the papaya salad was über spicy but not quite filling. I didn’t realize that I was still hungry until after the shops had closed. Not wanting to fill up on ice cream, I risked going to KFC. Surprise, the Thai-style grilled chicken rice bowl wasn’t too terrible. I doubt I’d return for another, but I was glad it was open and only cost $1.86.



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