Visiting Vientiane


This demon’s mouth is actually the entrance to this structure. It is commonly referred to as the pumpkin. There are three levels inside depicting heaven, earth, and hell.

Hands down, the bizarre, often sadistic statues scattered amongst the meadow in quirky Buddha Park, made it my favorite place this visit. It lies on the bank of the Mekong River and was inspired by both Hinduism and Buddhism. It’s not very old nor boasts any historical significance. It’s just weird fun.

From Tower

Taken from one of the best viewpoints, you can see the “pumpkin” and the 130 foot reclining Buddha in this shot.

Me, in the tower, where I took the aerial shot. It symbolizes heaven or paradise. The steps are super narrow.

The shark shoes were one of my favorite details.

It is said unskilled workers were hired to cast the sculptures… I wondered if that’s why the reclining Buddha is missing toes.

From Pumpkin W

From the top of the pumpkin, you can see the tower on the banks of the Mekong.

Back in Vientiane proper, I didn’t take many pictures as the lighting was terrible.

Despite the constant threat of rain, I still walked about to see the Patuxai, King Chao Anouvong, and pass a few Wats.


The Mekong River is not represented well in this picture but I mostly took it because of the guy mucking around in it. I think he was fishing.


Finally, while I did manage to try some Laos dishes, Sputnik Burger and Cafe Nomad were welcome finds. I could have happily sat and sipped chai lattes my entire time in Vientiane.


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