The High Cost of Living in Chiang Mai


Yeesh! About $2.70 usd per gallon of gas! That’s higher than California prices!  Oh well, I suppose I’ll survive spending $2.02 at the pump every 3 weeks or so.

$86.61 for an annual work permit and $23.10 to enter the Night Safari, once. Since the school paid the department of employment, I guess it’s the better deal. (I did have to provide the pics, though, and that was $6.35.) I’m not usually a big fan of animal prisons but it was pretty awesome watching Nicholas pet a giraffe and Gabriel get licked by a deer.

Taking pictures on a moving tram of uncooperative animals, however, is a different story.

It was easier to take pictures of the boys standing stock still with various reptiles perched on them. We stopped at a variety of Mae Rim farms… cobra, crocodile, and monkey, each for about $5 to $10.

The turtles and gibbons at the Chiang Mai Zoo were also easy to photograph since at least I wasn’t moving. Entrance to the Zoo and Aquarium is $19.34 but this was 5th grade’s field trip so the school provided my tickets. Go chaperone! (Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration since the Thai teachers actually did all the work. I merely tagged along.)

Sea of Students

Speaking of work… let me introduce the 5th grade! There are 11 classes with approximately 400 students. Nicky, the other farang 5th grade teacher, and I “teach” them all English. 

Suicide Squad

In need of a little “adult” time, we grown ups went to watch Suicide Squad, in 4DX, no less. $11.55 per person before popcorn and drinks.

   It was a great week but I’m glad it’s pouring rain this Friday evening so I have a good excuse to curl up in bed with a book and not be out spending baht. Good night!



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