A Pot Ban


A giant pot stands at the entrance of Ban Muang Kung. This village (ban) is known for making terracotta pitchers.

While the Mio was fun, I upgraded to a Honda Click for the month of September. It’s setting me back almost $84 but the idling stop system, eSP technology, and handbrake lever make it worthwhile. It’s also bigger and heavier which makes me a tad more comfortable exploring outside my neighborhood. It seems to be jinxing me, though… when it was delivered, a major thundershower came along with it. The next day, I planned to head up the mountain after lunch but another thundershower passed through. Today, I thought I got lucky with blue skies and sunshine so I went exploring but got caught in a thundershower on my way home. I keep a poncho in the storage under the seat but since I just swapped bikes, it was in my studio. Oh well, I don’t melt and it’s fairly warm.

The pot from a different angle and a glimpse of one of many rice fields in the village.

Serene Lake

Sitting on a structure on an island in Serene Lake.

I don’t know that the Click was supposed to accompany me up the mud trail but if I can’t read the sign… view from the lake looking towards the mountain… Uh oh, what happened to my beautiful sunny blue skies?

Shortly after leaving Serene Lake, which is just a huge condo development, I quickly became lost and wet. A roadside soup stand caught my eye. I loaded up on a bowl of soup and a ton of sugar until the rain subsided. Note the expiration date on the cake roll… 02.09.59, which stands for Sept 2, 2559 BE. As if I don’t have enough to confuse me!

Speaking of rain, it does brighten things up around campus when it does.

Speaking of work and brightening things up… On Saturday, the school held its first “English Camp” for 1st and 2nd graders. About 160 munchkins showed up for it. For my station, I decided on a game of Giant Twister. Most of the kids still don’t know their left from right but had fun racing to put a hand or foot on the correct primary color. Hilarious!


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