300 Steps and Counting

Yesterday’s temple visit “inspired” me to check out Chiang Mai’s most famous temple. This is how it went.

First, the street entrance to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, or the Temple with a Buddha relic on  Mount Suthep. Next, a staircase market, to the Naga Stairs. The Naga Stairs, which lead to the temple grounds, are said to number 300 or 306 or 309, but who’s counting… I’m guessing these first two flights are not included.

 Finally, the head of the Naga or the foot of the stairs, after the stairs.

The Naga’s body comprises the handrail all the way up.

When you reach the top of the stairs, its a little anticlimactic as you are greeted by the tail and this statue… and more stairs.

Wat Chedi

Finally… this stupa pagoda is the main attraction and most holy area of the grounds.

One of many ornate doorways and bells.

Due to the looming thunderclouds, most of my pics were a little sad and gloomy. Gold leaf does not take kindly to poor lighting.

The City

A temple view of Chiang Mai.

Me and “mom” on… more stairs.


Back down to the street entrance.

My trip to the temple really reflects the saying, “happiness is a journey and not a destination.” Most memorable will probably be the stairs and the drive. Of the 13 miles from my home about 9 of them were on a long windy uphill road. I was glad I recently upgraded my wheels and really enjoyed the ride. It was a little weird to have slower traffic to the left but I had little company save a dozen or so cyclists. My favorite view of the day, was actually from the road.


Not the best view of the city, but I love the rainbow.


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