Punk with a Trunk

Milo 2

Milo is the one standing on his hind legs. He is a feisty fellow!

Today, I went with a few coworkers to an elephant home. Most of the residents are rescues but not these two babies. The bigger of the two is Mena, who is about 16 months. Milo, the rambunctious rascal, is about 7 months. He is very playful but he does not know his own strength! For your personal safety, you kept one eye on Milo at all times. You did not want it to be your back Milo suddenly decided to jump on!

 Like an elephant version of Dennis the Menace, here are some excerpts from his day.

Milo gearing up to ram his mom. Milo stole someone’s hat then got it stuck on his foot.

My day started with a change of clothes. This lovely mahout ensemble was not my first choice but did turn out to be rather practical.

Next, I was tagged and then tried to feed my hand to an elephant. Hint: place your hand on the elephant before looking up for a photo.

Ear Flap

I was getting a little sweaty but my personal fan operator provided a little relief.

There’s no such thing as personal space when you have a lot of sugarcane in your bag.

We were sent to chop a bunch of fresh sugarcane as incentive for the elephants to join us for a swim in the river. On our way there, it POURED. The mud made it very challenging to stay ahead of the elephants. By the time we got to the river, it stopped, but we were all soaked before even stepping into the Mae Taeng.

That did not deter us from wading in, anyway.

Back to Camp

We left the elephants with their mahouts to eat more grass while we slipped back to camp.

 It was a pretty amazing day. Elephants are awesome animals with a great sense of humor and a tremendous appetite. The adults were very gentle but it was up to you to avoid being accidentally stepped on or shoved. I was most surprised by the range of sounds they made. My favorite I likened to a BMW HP2 Sport purring. I even looked for a bike once.


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