Campus Cons

For the most part, I’m perfectly content living on campus. I don’t roll out of bed until about 7:15 am, weekly housekeeping, laundry service, and a few basic groceries are provided free of charge, and I can nap between classes should the need occur. Of course, there are a few cons.


Students rocking Youth Day!

Youthful energy is infectious. Inspired by a student band rocking out on Youth Day, I decided to check out the local music scene. Staying out past midnight on a school night is for people far younger than I… thank goodness for naps and sleeping in a bit. Being around young people is great but sometimes I forget that I can’t move, eat, and live like I’m 16 anymore.

Temptation lies at every turn. The school has two canteens filled with vendors selling every treat a Thai kid might want. For the most part, I tend to stick with the free meals provided by the school and avoid the canteens. Unfortunately, there are two places I can’t seem to ignore. On my way to the office, Bubble Jam is open every morning by the time I stroll through. While it does not offer chai, it does meet the needs of my other tea addictions. The more problematic stand can be seen from the front door of the foreign residency building (circled in red in the pic). It opens for the morning break and stays in business through the early evening offering three scoops of ice cream for less than 50 cents. There are no less than 6 ice cream stands on campus.

The exceptions to the no pet policy. Despite the fact that we are prohibited from keeping pets, I keep getting “adopted.” Dogs roam freely in Chiang Mai. You can’t walk around a temple without tripping over one. I think our security chases them off campus but a few stroll in regularly. I must have a flashing sucker sign on me because they know I’m generally good for a handout and some butt scratching. Despite being a sucker, I’m getting better at rehoming geckos and huntsman spiders. There’s something endearing about having a little head peek out over my desk to see what I’m blogging and I’m not opposed to having in-studio insect-eaters. As cute as they may be, though, the geckos are not potty-trained and the easily startled spiders, flip out and then freak me out.

Youthful energy, good eats and companionship… my kind of problems.  🙂


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