Aloof at the Roof of Siam


Namtok Sirithan is one of numerous waterfalls to see on the way to the top of Doi Inthanon.

One of the first things one notices upon arriving at Doi Inthanon National Park is a drop in temperature. Thailand’s tallest peak is found here so elevation is a factor in addition to the shade provided by the tree canopy.

Rice terraces can be spotted in the foothills of Doi Inthanon.

As can beautiful flowers grown by local Hmong tribes.

Near the summit are two chedis built to honor the 60th birthdays of a king and queen.

My expression was a cross between chattering teeth and a smile… it was cold up there!

With all the reminders to “cover up” I wouldn’t have expected to see some of these wall carvings.

The pictures of me at the “real” waterfalls were too dark and then this one was overexposed. Damn lighting!

When shivering up in the damp cool clouds, you do kind of feel on top of the world!



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