Seeking Shelter


While there’s a certain beauty that can only be captured in the rain, I didn’t want to spend the day cold and wet so I headed indoors.

For those of you not familiar, this armoire looking structure is actually a confessional. While people often kneel at the screened window along the side for a bit of privacy, this gentleman aired his dirty laundry standing in front of the priest and everybody. It looked like he was at a ticket booth… one for absolution, please.

Not one for a drawn out penance, I decided to take my chances with la bocca della verita, the Mouth of Truth. Wondering if my hand is intact?


Did Saint Valentine put his head in the mouth?

A melancholic day deserves a man of mood. Enter, Edward Hopper. The Vittoriano just happened to have an exhibition of some of his iconic works bringing a little light to a dreary day.


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