Boring Borghese


So, the morning started with about 5 cups of Earl Grey. I was tired, it was drizzling, and despite having a paid reservation, I seriously contemplated blowing off my visit to the Galleria Borghese. I mean really, after the Vatican, what could it possibly offer? For starters, the origins of Coraline’s button eyes.


The temptation to snuggle up with Canova’s Paolina on her seemingly cushy marble mattress.

The feel of Pluto’s fingers digging into your soft thigh like Bernini’s Proserpina. The impulse to pet one of Cerberus’ moving heads.

The desire to root for David in taking down Goliath and to help Aeneas by unburdening him of at least the house gods that Anchises carries.

The fact that the gallery limits the number of visitors so you don’t feel like you’re at Times Square on New Year’s Eve (or in the Sistine Chapel) and can actually enjoy a quiet moment like Saint Jerome.

Galleria Borghese is well worth visiting and far from boring.


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