Hot & Steamy

Well, it was actually cool and cloudy but walking even a 10th of a mile with a gradient of about 12% warms me up pretty quickly.


The top of Mt. Vesuvius was an ominous mix of hot sulphuric steam and cool wispy clouds.

Also, I was on a schedule so I had to keep up a fair pace to maximize my time on the rim. As I neared the top, I was rather distracted by an odor that lingered. It finally dawned on me that it was coming from the steam venting from the volcano.


The views of the valley were mostly obscured by the clouds.

Despite not having erupted in over 70 years, I still found it curious that so many people choose to live in the area. Naples, which normally can be seen from the top, could easily be destroyed if she decided to blow, again.

Hopefully, that won’t happen before I have an opportunity to visit Naples someday…or ever.


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