Summer Like A Pope


The Pope’s summer pad, Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo, above Albano Lake. Really!


Let me start from the beginning… our mountain bike tour began in central Rome at Top Bike Rental with our very Italian guide, Emanuele.

He led us out of the city center to ride through Caffarella Park and Aqueduct Park towards our destination train station.


Which just happened to be located next to the rather famous race track. While I could see the track from the station, I was unable to take a clear picture of it from our deck. There were no races that day and it turned out I was leaving Rome 1 day before its big Lydia Tesio Prize!

About half an hour later, we rode away from the Castel Gandolfo train station. It’s all downhill to the lake…

and this hole in a fence that we passed through to get to a lakeside trail. Seriously.

After a delightful lakeside lunch and a swim, we had a rather bumpy ride back to Rome on the Appian Way. One of the various ruins we passed along the way, Circus Maxentius.

Another, Villa dei Quintilli. It was a fantastic way to enjoy stunning scenery and experience ancient Roman history.


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