Roman Wrap Up

The horse sculptures by Mexican artist Gustavo Aceves on exhibit at the Trajan Market were striking and unique.

I always enjoy walking along a river and the Tiber’s wide walkways were very accommodating.

Around the Vatican: The Pontifical Swiss Guard managed to look dignified in their colorful Renaissance appearing uniforms. It was too early for me to be observant so I’m unsure if a member of the clavigero’s team opened the museum door or an officer of the gendarmerie. It was worth navigating the dome’s narrow spiral staircase for the view from the top of St. Peter’s Basilica.

The Fontana della Pigna, Belvedere Torso, entrance to the library, and a small sample of the amazing detail of one of the Slaughter of the Innocents works in the gallery of the tapestries were also found in and around the Vatican.

Ponte Sant’Angelo may appear romantic and beautiful but both the bridge and Castel Sant’Angelo shared a very dark past.

I loved that amazing sculptures and fountains could be found at random street corners throughout the city.ponte-settimia-spizzichino

While aesthetically pleasing, the Ponte Settimia Spezzichino did make me wonder if I’d left Rome.

Finally, food: I overate like a Roman on too oft an occasion but I rarely remembered to take pictures. It’s possible I didn’t want a digital record of my excess. The portions were epic and yes, that is just one slice of pizza. The artfully folded crepe from Romana somehow managed to disguise the 3 generous scoops of decadent gelato inside.

There’s seemingly endless things to see and do in this historically rich cosmopolitan city. I was surprisingly captivated by Rome and would have liked more time to continue exploring. My poor Chucks, on the other hand, were sacked and remained behind amongst other ruins.


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