Creek to Creek


I’m not sure why but when I see cattle egret, I think, Africa. I’m back in Thailand but when we came across a small herd of Thai cows surrounded by these birds, I still thought, Africa.

Anyway, this Sunday’s ride was a loop encompassing both Huay Hong Krai and Huay Mae On. I think “huay” translates to “creek” but since both have reservoirs, as does Huay Tueng Thao, I think of it as “lake”.

In Thailand, mountain bikers share the road with a wide variety of users. Along the way, we saw more Thai cows than people.

 In the middle of seemingly nowhere, we stopped at Uncle Lee Coffee, a rather charming establishment, for some shade and refreshments.

Huay Hong Krai provided a little shade for a snack break.


A quick stop to enjoy the scenic tiered waterfall at Huay Mae On… of which I neglected to take a picture.

Cycling while it was about 92 degrees, made me wonder why someone was airing out blankets. It was about 72 degrees that morning so maybe he was preparing for a chilly evening. In any case, I thought they added a nice spot of color.


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