By the Book


I am a voracious reader. I inherited the compulsion from my father. I don’t know that I’d call it a love of reading… more an affliction… along the lines of a functional alcoholic, but with books.

I’m not a discriminating reader. I’ll take my slugs of Cisco along with Louis XIII. I’ve read many a classic but at least double the drivel. I’m as content on a steamboat with Marlow as I am in a post-apocalyptic silo with Holston.

I am one of those The Catcher in the Rye people. I have visited the Anne Frank house. I have watched a movie at Ignatius’ Prytania Theater in New Orleans. I have fed wild ponies on Chincoteague Island and seen Misty’s hoof prints.

I am not a writer of reviews. While I enjoy having conversations about books and such, I don’t know that I necessarily form opinions about them… at least not strong ones. I do recommend The Big Rich from time to time if someone strikes me as having an interest in Texas, non-fiction, and/or the oil industry. Should I be asked which Palahniuk books to read, I may not mention Pygmy.

That being said, casual chats about books are a rare occurrence for me these days, so I thought I’d make mention of what I’m currently reading.

Last night, I finished Douglas E. Richards, Game Changer. It’s not a literary masterpiece, emotionally powerful, or even terribly realistic. It is, however, a fairly easy read with intriguing concepts, much research, and even a mythbuster behind it. The notion of memory editing grabbed me more than anything. I wondered if it were possible, would I elect to have certain memories erased. If I did, how would it change me? Would I be less thoughtful about future decisions and actions knowing they could be eradicated? Would I want better, happier memories and what would those be? Could and would I become a Melvin Udall people, with just “good times, noodle salad”?

Maybe, I should sleep a little more and read a little less.


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