Falling for Falls

The day started with a 90 minute breakfast followed by a 90 minute scooter ride. Destination: Mae Wang National Park.

A stop at The Maewin Coffee provided the extra jolt of caffeine needed for the last leg of the road trip.


Besides being humorous, Wat Tam Doi Tone serves as a directional landmark. A left here, will put you on your way to a dirt road to Maewang Watefall.

It looks rather insignificant in this photo but the waterfall is about 65 feet tall.

The rocks were fairly slick so I didn’t quite make it to the top. The people in the 2nd picture give the waterfall a bit of scale as they look kind of small down there.


Back at the temple, a right turn will put you on your way to Mae Sapok Waterfall… smaller but charming.

The rock was super slippery and I fell on my butt… thrice.

Luckily, it takes more than a few bruises to ruin my day.


After a hot and dusty ride, a cool and refreshing “fall” was welcome.  


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