Garden of Evil


Meet Prathom 5’s naughty students… skirt too short, no homework, kooky hair – no prob.

As I entered the garden at Wat Mae Kaet Noi, all I could hear was the terrified screaming of a young boy. Instead of being dismayed, I grinned happily as that meant I’d found “Hell”. I wasn’t smiling for long… this place is graphic.

I found over 30 of these sinners planted among the grounds. Among my favorites… note the Shoei brand helmet on the thief.

Some of the sins were more obvious than others… smokers and Chinese.  🙂

While these were tamer than most, I found them more disturbing.

These just confused me… if I go to hell, I’ll become a motorcycle riding parts mech? The other depicts how you are most likely getting sent to hell when living in Thailand.

These were just odd.

Skewers, anyone? Giant tongues and spilling intestines were recurring details.

The loss of limbs and shared punishment were also prevalent.

Due to their graphic nature, I’ve decided to exclude the scenes depicting repercussions for sexual misconduct. The monk who designs the sculptures watches far too much hentai.

Instead, I offer you these faces seen in Hell today.

On the off chance I find myself returning to Hell, I will be sure to take a pocketful of 10 baht coins to enter the garden and put more of the coin-operated displays into action. I left rather abruptly as a groundskeeper (?) started blowing noxious smoke with a leaf blower looking/sounding machine. Such is life in Hell.

The garden is part of the Ecosystem Narok Sawan National Park Maegadnoi Thailand. Clear air was just around the corner.


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