As Dusk Falls


…lots and lots of bugs come out. Ugh! My face shield was covered in mosquito remains.


Staying on roads might improve the situation. I think this is the back of Wat Sangkhawat.

In the other four zones of Sukhothai Historical Park, road conditions, temple maintenance and access all vary. I’m only posting a few of my preferred pictures.

Wat Phra Phai Luang mostly lies in ruins but one Khmer-style prang still stands.

Wat Mae Chon sits just outside the north gate. Wat Chedi Ngam has a stone bridge walkway like a few others in the west.

I felt a little déjà vu going on coming across three Lanka style stupas once surrounded in elephants. Wat Chang Lom is fairly secluded in the east. Wat Chang Rop sits somewhat neglected in the west. Wat Sorasak, the most restored, is located within the city wall.    


I’m a sucker for an elephant, even a stone one.

Before leaving town, I made a final stop at Wat Traphang Thong. I’d read that a footprint of the Buddha was housed there. I don’t know if I was expecting a Grauman’s Chinese Theater type of thing, but a four foot slab of stone with an indent of a cartoon foot marked with symbols was not it. I had to ask if Buddha was an average size man why would his footprint put Bigfoot to shame. The story goes that the stone on which he stepped must have grown in time due to its sacredness.

As weird as this culture is about feet…really?


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