Not Much to See at Phae Muang Phi

Phae Muang Phi, Forest City of Ghosts, is purported to be an area with unique sandstone formations and an interesting legend. When I arrived, I was a tad skeptical. I considered it feasible that it’s name was derived from the empty stalls and overgrown trails.

Things did not improve when I found the sorely neglected “view point”. Visibility was poor and the sandstone mounds were unremarkable. I figured since I was here, I would at least enjoy a walk through the forest. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were relentless and after a short time, I just wanted out. To my dismay, I became rather lost much like the old local woman of folklore. Luckily, I was equipped with insect repellent and plenty of water so I wasn’t terribly concerned, just a tad disappointed.

I was delighted when this eventually turned into this, then…


I was so giddy,  you’d have thought I’d found the Grand Canyon.

The mushroom shaped pillars aren’t much to look at in my pictures but they were almost magical when I emerged from the forest into the shallow depression.


Rocks… not quite sure why they make me so happy even when I’m climbing them.

 Phae Muang Phi is obviously not a “must see” but it was worth it for me.


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