All About Angkor

Christmas morning started with bicycles, blue skies and monkeys. What’s not to love?

I spent 3 days exploring in and around the temples. There are too many to visit them all so I had to pick and choose by proximity and features. Evidently, my photography skills have a direct relationship with my health so it’s slim pickings. Stupid cold.


Of about 100 sunrise shots, this “pre-sunrise” was my favorite since the moon was still visible and the blues were beautiful. It was much more impressive in person.

The stalker monkeys and smiling faces of Bayon helped keep me in good spirits.

Trying to count all the faces at Bayon was a futile endeavor. It’s a large complex.

 The fusion of nature and man-made structures at Ta Prohm is stunning. The root system is massive and majestic.

At Banteay Srei it’s all about the details and size doesn’t matter. The pink sandstone dust of this temple will forever stain my Chuck Taylor’s… ah, lasting memories.


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