KL Quickie

It was good for me and I’d do it, again!


The statue of Murugan at Batu Caves stands 140 feet tall. Can you say mutli-pitch?!?

One of the first things I loved about Kuala Lumpur was its transit system. The express train will get you from the airport to the central station in 28 minutes. From there, you can use the commuter rails to go wherever. I found it interesting that some of the train cars are designated for women only. They are pink.

The next thing I loved about Kuala Lumpur was that there is a Batu Caves terminal station and a train that gets you there in about 30 minutes. So, that’s what I did. About half way up the 272 stairs, stopping for a picture sounded like a great idea.

There are a variety of shrines in and along the way up. I loved that once you get to the “top”, you’re rewarded with more stairs. There is a lot going on at the main entrance… construction workers trying to drop materials on you, vendors trying sell you souvenirs, monks ringing bells, macaques trying to steal your food, and Chinese tourists trying to clothesline you with their selfie sticks.


One of the views of Kuala Lumpur almost made it worthwhile. Scoping out the limestone for a future climbing trip definitely made it rewarding. 

After scouting outside the caves to locate climbing areas, I wasn’t left with much daylight. There is definitely some multi-pitch climbing which I’ll have to research.

After the train ride back to the center of town, a walk around Petaling Street and up to the Menara KL Tower made for a long but fun night. A return trip is definitely on the horizon.


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