High Noon in Lamphun


I want to recognize those responsible for forging the trails I ride.

As we rode up to them, they started trampling bushes to get away. We stopped on the far left of the trail to let them pass and they gave us a wide berth moving in almost single file.

I found myself back in Lamphun this weekend. A 40 mile ride took us along 3 reservoirs, Mae San, Thi, and Tueb. Thanks to the unseasonable rain we had in January, they were still fairly high. As the temperature creeps back into the 90’s, water releases will likely start soon. I couldn’t figure out what the sign was restricting… don’t eat fat fish?

Its not bad yet, but you can start to see the effects of burning season. Currently, the numbers are bordering good to moderate. I’m not looking forward to it jumping up to the 100’s but for now there are still visible mountains in the horizon and it’s not China.


I thought this statue in front of the Ban Thi Police Station was… odd, but I felt safe parking the truck there.


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