“B”eing a Menace in Venice (of the East)


Maybe more of a moron than a menace…

but Wendy has that effect on me. During her brief visit, we limited our beholding, biking, bingeing, and boating to Bangkok to maximize our time together.

Our private long-tailed water taxi tour along the khlong even included fish food. The open-mouthed one reminded me a bit of Toothless.

Feeding opportunities must be a significant attraction, as we were also provided nibbles by our bicycle guide to indulge the shelled life as well.

  We, of course, were also treated to treats.

 There were shopping opportunities as well.


At Yodpiman Flower City, we picked up… flowers.

We later learned how to fold the lotus leaves.

To ensure a rich cultural experience, we also saw a few attractions.

The quality of each point of interest varied.

I didn’t expect to enjoy Bangkok as much as I did…

but I doubt it would it have been nearly as enjoyable without Wendy.


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