So, my Australian vacation began in the capital city of Adelaide. After a brief tour of it’s Central Market, Chinatown, and Rundle Mall for snacks, an adapter, and Lush soap, respectively, I made my way to the River Torrens.

It’s quite pleasant to walk along and has an abundance of wild cockatoos and black swans.

  For such a clean city, there was a surprising amount of street art.

By the next afternoon, the art and bird specimens changed drastically. We were into the Flinders Ranges on the way to Wilpena Pound.

Wilpena Pound is a natural amphitheater of rocky mountains.

It also boasts a resort and campground, where I was introduced to a swag and the rest of the group. Chief and Joey were our guides.

Stokes HIll Lookout

Chief got us up and fed in the dark so that we could start the day with a view of the sunrise from Stokes Hill Lookout. It was not warm.

After a nice long nap, we woke up in Lyndhurst. We had hoped to meet Talc Alf, a bush sculptor, but he was away. We still stopped to peruse his outdoor gallery.

Following a brief break at Farina Station to check out an underground bakery and meet an awesome dog (too active to be anything but a blur in picture), we ate lunch beside the old Ghan rail station in Marree. From there we followed the Oodnadatta Track to William Creek where we bedded down for the night.

Notable ports of call along the way included Mutonia Sculpture Park,

to experience Robin Cooke’s annual recycled creations,

Lake Eyre, to walk on the salt crust, and The Bubbler, to glimpse its concentric patterns.

We rolled into town just in time to catch the sun set over… nothing. William Creek competes with Tortilla Flat, AZ in population. Depending upon the source, both boast about 6. Catching the sunrise while snug in my swag the next morning was a nice touch.

Sunrise at William Creek

Sunrise from my swag at William Creek.


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