Down Under, Part 2

On the way to Coober Pedy, we stopped to wander around Lake Cadibarrawirracanna. Afterwards, we passed a lot of red dunes, salt pans, and gibber plains.

We also crossed the Dingo Fence, which stretches for days.

Eventually, we reached the opal mining town.

One of the first significant landmarks I found was the spaceship from the movie, Pitch Black. The local street art was also hard to miss.

Some of the underground homes were stunning. Our bunkhouse… not so much.

Having Bella eating out of my hands (wasabi peas!) at Josephine’s Gallery and Kangaroo Orphanage was definitely a highlight.


Uluru 1

Uluru sunrise… worth waking up in the dark.

Only something like a massive sandstone monolith could be as memorable.

Some of the lessons shared in the caves can still be seen. Our aboriginal guide, Cassidy, had many stories to tell about the rock.


I think Chief took a little sadistic pleasure in waking us up early for sunrises but he did give equal time to sunsets. I wonder if I should have done a helicopter tour.

Kings Canyon

And now for my favorite part of the trip… Watarrka National Park, Kings Canyon.

There were many enjoyable moments and stunning landscapes in our week exploring the Red Centre but the Rim Walk was what made the trip for me.

Spinifix pigeons, lizards,

rock domes, and chillin’ in the Garden of Eden made for the best day.

The trip wasn’t entirely over. We still had yet to find this Thorny Devil and wander around the Henbury Meteorites Conservation Reserve. Oddly, I don’t have any pictures of the Finke River, Todd River or even Alice Springs. I wasn’t feeling spectacular on the last day so I was a little tuned out. Nonetheless, my Outback adventure was an amazing experience and I look forward to returning to Australia to see what else she has to offer.


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