Sambol & Dahl Finale


There’s a Sri Lankan saying that translates “Desire never stops, it increases even after satisfaction.” One might argue against it, citing divorce as an example, but I totally get it. I think things you are truly passionate about can consume you. In my case, wanderlust. At home, mango with sticky rice and massage. In Sri Lanka, sambol, dahl, and wildlife viewings. That day, I didn’t want the road to end. The views were stunning and the coasting, dreamy.

Little Adams Peak Sunset

Little Adam’s Peak was another “value add” that our guide shared with us.

Our cultural activities included a tour and tasting at a tea factory and a delightful outdoor dinner. I requested a small detour and got a massage to work out the knot in my thigh.

While not a UNESCO site, Buduruwagala was a lovely attraction. It’s guesstimated to be about 1,000 years old.

On our way to Kataragama, we were able to have a swim before finishing our hot and dusty ride. The pilgrimage town is an interesting mix of pomp and procession, piety and religious extravagance. I developed a great appreciation for the awesome massages at the Hotel Chandrika.

My other favorite part was probably the change from macaque to langur.

 Which is as good as any a way to segue to Yala National Park.

A little green bee eater, hornbill, mongoose, crocodile,

water buffalo, sloth bear,

girl elephants,

Yala Elephant

and one charging boy elephant (bluffed us) all got captured digitally. 

 There were so many animals making appearances that it felt more like a zoo than a nature reserve. While we didn’t spot a leopard, we couldn’t even feign disappointment… it was too thrilling an adventure.

There were a few more stops before


to further indulge our wants and needs.

In Ahangama, we set off for Dondra head to go whale watching. We saw a few blue whales but I was in too much awe to get a picture. They were amazing.

We also picked out dinner on the way back to the hotel.

Ah, the Insight… where every room has a view.

Ahangama Beach1

The Indian Ocean is probably the most enjoyable swim I’ve ever experienced. The water was the perfect temperature, crystal clear, with a comfortable current.

I had little interest in leaving but after one last enjoyable ride and swim, we were carted off to Galle, the final UNESCO site on our trip.

Our trip ended in Colombo. A few of my fellow cyclists and I were able to spend half a day wandering around the city. I got us a little lost but it was fortunate… it enabled us to catch these kids in a water race. My experience in Sri Lanka makes it challenging not to consider it a paradise. It seemingly has everything, but that includes its own set of challenges. Despite this, I am looking for work opportunities… Desire never stops.


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