Amiss at the Acropolis

“You are now at the Acropolis,” said Thanos, our guide… hmmm, I was sure there would be more people and the Panthenon would be bigger. Ok, so this is the one that Homer makes reference to, the Acropolis of Styra, on Evia, not in Athens.Acropolis of Styra Church of Virgin Mary

The walk to the top of Mount Kliosi was one of my favorites with Castro Armeno, the Church of the Virgin Mary and the Cave of St. Nicholas to explore.

Other highlights of the walks around Evia included: the cipollino marble quarries on Mount Ohi where columns chiseled back in the Roman era still remain;

Castello Rosso, one of the grandest forts of the 4th crusade,

with its intact arches and chapel;

the village of Marmari;

the Porfyra Gorge;

various hidden coves and stone bridges with crystal clear water;

and the Aegean coast.

Blue Beach

Evia was beautiful and clean and reflected in the food. Most of what we ate was locally sourced and incredibly fresh. I was worried that I’d find the cuisine bland and boring but I think those may have been the best meals I’ve ever consumed.

On the other hand, the food in Athens was all I expected it to be… but the city was not.

Something as simple as taking the metro from Monastiraki Square makes one pause,

as does the Presidential Guard and the UNESCO Acropolis,

the Erechtheion Caryatids, both outdoor replicas and indoor originals,

the Parthenon and the Theatre of Dionysus,

Athens Pan

and well, Athens.

In addition to the many historical sites, the street art was startling as well.

I loved these “split” style works.

Achilles was by far one of my favorite artists

but there were many other talented ones

to be discovered in all the chaos.


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