Bridging the Gap

Mon Bridge Sunset 2

While walking back across Saphan Mon on the Song Kalia River, I caught a glimpse of sunset.

Also known as Uttamanusorn Bridge, it is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand. It helps connect the Mon and Karen of Sangkhlaburi.

Other places of interest in the area include the Three Pagodas Pass, Wat Somdet, and a resort I would have stayed at had I another night.

I actually started my day crossing another bridge.

The impetus for this road trip was to see the Bridge over the River Kwai.

And so I did… well, technically, this bridge is over Mae Klong but the gist is that it was part of the “Death Railway” and represents the horrors of war. For me, it symbolizes the horrors of middle school English class. Seriously, you won’t find it on any reading list today.

I did continue on to Hellfire Pass. Under the best conditions, it was uncomfortably humid and buggy. I can’t fathom how the railway was built under the worst.

 One survivor spoke of the natural beauty of the area and how he hoped to return someday under more auspicious circumstances. Upon hearing that, I looked up from the tracks and spied a small window in the overgrowth.


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