Bikepacking the Munda Biddi: EOD 10


Where will you have lunch, today? I hope you enjoy it as much as I did that simple bottle of water and 2- day old sandwich while looking for kangaroo and kookaburra.

I left Jarrahdale warm, dry, and with a full belly. That didn’t last long. Hours later, soaking wet and freezing at the dam, just 3 km from the Dandalup hut, I decided I just couldn’t do another cold, wet night in the bush.

So, on day 5, I diverted to Pinjarra for a soft bed, heated room, steamy shower, and hot food.

The next morning, I got back on track and made my way to Dwellingup. There I found a lovely little cafe called the Blue Wren where my rain-soaked self warmed up with a nice mug of chai next to the fireplace. Luckily, that was the last day of rain, as the next 3 nights were back in the bush. The only downside to the warmer drier days has been an alarming moment with a tiger snake sunning in the middle of the trail.

 Capturing Australia’s wildlife digitally while on the bike has been impossible, so I only get to share the weird things that grow here.

Tonight, I’m clean, stuffed, and snug in a fluffy bed in Collie. My bike got a new chain from Crank ‘n Cycles and we’re about 1/3 of the way to Albany. More to come.



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