Still Bikepacking the MBT

20171005_145738Aside from a few sprinkles, I managed to stay dry between Collie and the Nglang Boodja hut. The new chain caused a few moments of grief but overall it was an uneventful ride.

Despite adding a sleeping bag liner and “pad” to my haul, I still woke up cold in the middle of the night. Another overcast and windy day did not improve my state. A little inspiration was helpful.

After I arrived at the Donnybrook Hotel, I cranked the heater up and piled all the extra doonas on top of me. About 2 AM, I woke up too warm! What a wonderful feeling.20171005_130304Recovered, I headed out to Nala Mia and the SUN came out. About half way there, I got a lift. Well, for around 2 km, just to get me safely away from the burn zone.20171005_135258One look around and I decided not to spend the night at Nala Mia and continued on to Nannup.20171005_133851In clearer surroundings, I took a parting shot.20171005_151223A late lunch break on and along an old rail formation not far from town.20171005_175951Sadly, accommodations were slim pickings in Nannup and I ended up renting… a tent! Glamping? It had 2 rooms, lamps, heaters, electric blankets, and a kitchen deck with stove, refrigerator, toaster, and microwave. With a cup of chai, in hand, it wasn’t long before I was settled in.


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