On the MBT: Another 335 Km Down the Track

This is a King Karri. They’re not small.

After Nannup is the mill town of Donnelly River Village where you are greeted by karri trees,

and emus, kangaroos, and Australian ringnecks. The General Store also serves a lovely cuppa Chai and some fine food.

The climb up to Karta Burna was not especially rewarding, just rainy and gloomy. I couldn’t fathom a night in the hut so I continued on to Manjimup. Unfortunately, it was Saturday and the whole town rolls up at 5pm and doesn’t unwind until 11am on Sunday. Yet, I was able to manage a room, a meal, a few snacks for the next day and best of all, clean clothes at a 24-hour laundry. There are no huts on this section of the MBT so the next two nights were spent in  Pemberton and Northcliffe.

This is the Gloucester Tree. At 53 meters, it’s the world’s 2nd tallest fire-lookout tree. You can sorta make out the viewing platform at the top in the 1st picture… in the 2nd, you can sorta make out my Trek on the ground next to a picnic table.

It affords a great view but climbing up what is essentially a spiral rebar ladder was a bit sketch.

The trails around Pemberton had good flow, smooth switchbacks, and I should have stayed an extra day to ride more.

Not to say that the MBT doesn’t have… challenges.

After the towns, it was back to huts. The Yirra Kartta is situated next to a granite outcropping. It reminded me a little of Enchanted Rock.

The Kwokralup Beela hut is near a river. Lots of tannin gave it a foam topping. The picture of the wildflowers is terrible but I wanted to remember to mention how amazing the MBT smells. When I don’t get to shower for 3 days straight, I really appreciate it.


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