Four Years, No Calls

One of my favorite things to do is visit art museums. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck in my recent travels. Last month, the Western Australia Museum in Perth was closed for renovations… for 4 years.


So, I should not have been surprised to learn that the Hong Kong Museum of Art was closed for renovations… for 4 years.

That reminded of something else that takes 4 years… getting a niche for your loved one’s cremated remains in Hong Kong.

One way to reach the Dragon’s Back trailhead is to walk up all the stairs at Cape Collinson Catholic Cemetery. That happened to be the way I went so I learned this odd fact.

The hillside cemeteries of Hong Kong are quite a sight. I could have used a guide to answer a few questions, though. Such as… why are there occasional brick ovens? Or… do the pictures on the markers have to be near death or least flattering?


I don’t have a way to tie this junk boat into the 4 year theme except to say that 4 years ago, Hong Kong set new goals to combat air pollution… you can see how effective that has been.


The Chainsmokers, Closer, was playing at the dim sum stand where I bought these awesome treats… 4 years…



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