Where am I?

Dana Sunset

A sunset by a lake.

It started as any nice weekend might with a stroll by the lake after work to unwind. While overcast, the following day was warm and dry and so I did a little exploring.

Dharmachakra Mudra

Dharmachakrapravartana Buddha… teaching from the heart.

While I am no Buddha, Buddhist, or mudra expert, my interpretation of the the wheel of dharma is “teaching from the heart”. I may be wrong but I found it heartwarming to discover this statue.

 Evidently, I had found Wat Pah Samarkki.

Hmmm, trails by a lake, wats… I know its suspicious but I haven’t returned to Thailand. My next find did lead me to wonder…

Does the gruffalo exist? Was this the creature that inspired H.R. Giger? Do aliens live in my backyard? Where am I?


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